What if something is wrong? Top of Page

Send us an email here. Things change and sometimes we don’t catch it until someone mentions it.

Where is __________? Top of Page

There are thousands of events and cool  things to do. We are added stuff all the time, but it takes time. If there’s an event you can’t stand to see ignored, or you are planning the event yourself, send us and email with a link and we’ll add it in right away!

What are the categories, and what do they mean? Top of Page

The categories are sometimes hard. If you go to an Anime event, you’ll probably see some steampunk and superhero stuff. I recently witnessed two Harley Quinn’s at Ren Fairs!

Adult – Mostly burlesque and cabaret, but anything you can’t bring the kids to that doesn’t fit into another category.
Alt History – This is weird. It’s steampunk for different time periods.
Anime – Event centered on Anime

Art Festival – This can be any art, including performance art (excluding dance)
Asian Festival – Any festival centered on Asian culture (excluding anime)
“XXXX” Festival – Any festival for a specific culture (i.e. Japanese Festival)
Attraction – Something to see year round. Museums and parks fall into this category.
Carnivale – Caribbean festival center around Carnivale
Celtic – This is not to be confused with the Highland games, this festival centers around music and culture.
Comic Con – Any con that covers comics, or any “multi-genre” convention, covering the geek trinity (comics, sci-fi, anime)
Cosplay – An event without vendors and panels…it’s all about hanging out in costume. Usually also a photography event
Dance – Any festival specifically built around dancing.
Dr. Who – All doctor, all the time
Faerie – Like a ren fair, but heavily focused on angel and faerie folklore. Often New Age centric.
Festival – Any festival that doesn’t fit into another category.
Gaming – Any event specifically for gaming (video, rpg, live action, etc).
Highland Games – Scottish highland games
International – Any event that is covers many other countries culture (excluding Asia)
Music – Any event centered around music, unless they fall into another category.
Native American – Any event centered around Native American culture
Paranormal – UFO, ghosts, etc
Photography – Photographer specific events (yes, we have those)
Pride – LGBT events
Renaissance Fair – You know what these are, or you wouldn’t be on this site.
Retro – A bunch of things. Several topics include car shows, glamping, tiki, anything that comes up. Check these out.
Science – Usually Makers Fairs, but anything that deals with science and engineering
Steampunk – If you don’t know, just click on this now.

Why is it listed in June, but the website says November? Top of Page

Sometimes events (especially smaller ones) move around a bit. Sometimes it’s just a few weeks, but other times they move a month or more. We try to stay on top of it, but we may not see it, particularly events that are out of our area.

Why is everything in the Southeast? Top of Page

We are based out of Northwest Florida, and focus on events in that region. You’ll notice more events close to our home than anyplace else simply because we look harder for things close to home.

Can my town get some love? Top of Page

Email us and let us know if you have an area you’d like us to help focus on. We’ll do our best.

Why does the “Caramelized Reviews” link take me to the 404 page? Top of Page

If the link isn’t there, then we haven’t attended that particular event…yet.


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