Bay Area Renaissance Festival 2014

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is an amazing event lasting several weeks every year in Tampa, FL. Beginning in February, each weekend has a different theme, such as The Highland Games, Pirates and Celtic. We attended Wonders of the World. There were mermaids, singing Sirens, fiddling fairies, belly dancing, pipe and drum music, acrobats, jousting…literally something for everyone! If you are near Tampa, you need to attend at least one weekend of this wonderful event. Keep track of our calendar to see which week we will be attending, and, as always, the link to the event will be at the end of the post.

Acrobellum in the house…or tree.

Elizabeth Muise

…who is performing with the ever powerful Cu Dubh

I can never resist clowning.

Fiddlesticks was one of our favorite fairies!

The Demzarah Gypsies

Merbella Mermaid!



and Aglaope make…

The talented and haunting Sirena!

Make time to have fun! Go here next year.

See our calendar, showing all the events we will be attending!





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